Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In the Swim: Vintage Swimsuits, 1959

Whether you're going on a tropical vacation or just dreaming of one, you're sure to be inspired by these vintage swimsuits from 1959.  2 piece suits were still considered pretty daring at this time, but they begin to show up more and more at this time and into the next few years.  Which one do you like?

Cole of California made these 4 co-ordinates in Siamese silk plaid.  The 2 piece swimsuit could be worn with or without the matching sarong skirt and beach jacket.  4 piece set sold for $70 in 1959 (about $545 in today's dollar.)
John Weitz pleated cover-up is worn over a 2 piece Lastex and cotton faille suit.  Set sold for $25 in 1959 (about $195 in today's dollar.)

Jantzen International Set "Shoji" suit was inspired by Japan.  Fashioned of elasticized mohair-type knit.  Sold for $25 in 1959 (about $195 in today's dollar.)

Catalina maillot in nylon/Lastex knit.  Blue flowers float on a navy background.  Sold for $20 in 1959 (about $156 in today's dollar.)

Sea B's satin Lastex suit in a floral print of turquoise and orange or apple green with blue.  This likely came with removable straps.  Sold for $18 in 1959 (about $140 in today's dollar.)


K.Line said...

How would one have swum in the mohair suit??

Carrie Teal said...

I absolutely love vintage style bathing suits. Even though they have a lot more covering it still makes me feel very feminine.

verobirdie said...

The mohair suit is for chilly sea?
I like the last two ones

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

The Jantzen suit is made from a mohair-type knit. It is probably a wool/synthetic blend. Wool knits were used to make swim suits from the earliest days, and though its use fell out of favor as the new synthetic knits became popular, it was still used in some suits into the 60s.

stephanie / those tricks said...


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