Monday, May 14, 2012

Irish Linen Guild - 1958

The Irish Linen Guild was founded in 1928 and is still active today.  The Guild promotes and protects the good name of Irish linen worldwide.  In 1958, the Guild teamed up with many American designers and fashion houses and placed full page ads throughout major fashion magazines.  Here are just 5 of those ads.  It is interesting to note the various ways the designers used the Irish linen fabric.

Jane Derby

Oleg Cassini

Adele Martin

Herbert Sondheim

M. Nadler
Which is your favorite?  I'm partial to the feminie collar on the M. Nadler dress, but that Oleg Cassini sex kitten version is quite something!


Renata said...

Oleg Cassini is my favorite version too!

Moushka said...

I remember my mother sewing me an ecru Irish linen jacket and two linen skirts (one brown, one navy) to take to college in 1967. She'd taken a couture sewing course and made exquisite garments for herself and her three daughters. I was so spoiled! She sewed suits and dresses for me until I was forty, lol. It was only when she stopped sewing for me and started sewing mainly for herself that I learned how to sew! I still love the look and feel of 100% Irish linen.

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