Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Mad Men - Oh The (60s) Clothes!

I always love a good party scene on Mad Men, as it affords us an opportunity to see some fabulous vintage clothing.  Episode 7 of Season 5 aired this past Sunday and not only did we have a formal gala, we had a client dinner, Megan's French mother Marie (played to perfection by Julia Ormond), and shopping!

For the Heinz client dinner, Megan wore this fabulous silver and gold cocktail dress with a beaded collar.

It wasn't until she and Don get into the car after dinner that we see a glimpse of the matching coat with beading on the sleeves!!!!!  I've always had a thing for these 60s dress and coat sets and grab them for the website whenever I can. 

Right now, I have this gorgeous 1960s silver, gold and copper metallic dress and coat set available for purchase at Couture Allure.  It is very similar to the set Megan wore on the show.

In this scene, we see Megan, Marie and Sally returning from a day of shopping.  I think this is the first time we've seen Megan wearing a hat.  Both Megan and her mother wear gorgeous dress/coat ensembles in wool plaids.  Love, love, love!

I sold a very similar 1960s dress/coat set last year to a very lucky customer!

In the past, I've bemoaned the demise of the evening coat.  Here we see two fabulous examples as everyone prepares to leave for the American Cancer Society gala.  Marie wears a black brocade full length coat with a huge portrait collar that floats away from her neckline.  Megan is wearing a velvet coat in a rich coral red that has beading at the sleeves.  It matches her gown which you'll see in a second.  Everyone has turned to look at......

....Sally!  Sally looks so grown up in her silver mini dress and white go-go boots!  It's hard to tell from this photo, but she is also wearing fishnet tights. Check out her silver evening bag.  Don says "no" to the boots and make-up before they leave for the gala.

Finally, a look at the evening gowns.  Megan's has a velvet beaded bodice and the skirt is chiffon with floating drapes at the sides.  Marie's gown is black velvet with a sheer nude color inset at the yoke topped by a band of silver beading.  Oh, I do love a good party scene.