Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lilli Ann Dress - 1956

Are you surprised?  Yes, this dress from 1956 is by Lilli Ann!  The company did offer a few dresses in their line, but they were best known, of course, for their fabulous suits.  This dress was made from a Lilli Ann exclusive fabric, as all their suits were.  Striped fabric was hand blocked with a print inspired by the Siege of Troy.  The print is accented with hand-cut Austrian crystal rhinestones.  The dress came in black and white or turquoise and white.  Sold for $40 in 1956 (about $337 in today's dollar.)  Do you love it?

And congrats to Vintage Suburbia who was the only person to guess correctly!


Maja said...

it is welcome to live in my wardrobe any time! What's not to love? Lilli Ann yep, striped yep, hand painted thingies yep = Love!

Vintage Living Magazine said...

Like it? Love it! It's fabulous.

Vintagesuburbia said...

Yay, I was right! I have to say I was helped by the fact that Lilli Ann ads always seem to have the same look/poses. And I am a bit of a Lilli Ann collector so I had an unfair advantage. I have to say I LOVE this dress. But I do have to laugh at that tiny waist. You couldn't do a day's work in that! Thanks so much for your great posts. I look forward to reading them very much, Maria

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