Friday, May 08, 2009

Vintage Dresses for the Mature Figure

As with current fashion magazines, the vintage magazines I own focus mainly on styles for the young woman. But what about the rest of us? My belly and hips aren't as small and tight as they once were. Can't those of us with a more mature figure wear vintage fashion too? The answer is a resounding yes! Here are some tips along with dresses from 1965.

Full skirted styles are OK as long as the skirt is not too poufy. Choose soft pleats at the waist instead of gathers or knife pleats, and forgo the crinoline. Neckline interest is always a good idea to draw the eye upward.

A shaped dress should skim lightly over your waist and hips and a slightly flared A-line will balance the width of your hips. Again, neckline interest draws the eye up.

If you still have a waist to envy, belt it! Here's that A-line skirt again.

A shift dress that falls from shoulder to hem in one unbroken line with light fit at the waist will make almost any woman look taller and slimmer. Contrast stitching at the yoke and neckline draw the eye up.

Another solution for those of you who like full skirts is to choose stitched down pleats that flare out only below the hips.