Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sheila Lynn Dresses

Sheila Lynn Dresses, Inc. was a dress manufacturer and wholesaler on 7th Avenue in New York owned by Arthur Cole. Started as early as 1932 and a member of the Fashion Originator's Guild, many well known designers began their careers at Sheila Lynn, including Anne Fogarty, Richard Cole, and Matty Talmack. Sheila Lynn Dresses went out of business sometime in the late 1950's.

Shown above, a Sheila Lynn ad from 1949 with two rayon dresses selling for between $30-$35 (about $275-$321 in today's dollar).

Saks Fifth Avenue offered this dinner dress with jacket by Sheila Lynn as an SFA exclusive. The strapless taffeta dress came with a matching jacket. "Jacket on at the resaurant table; nude shoulders when the music begins." Sold for $39.95 in 1949 (about $367 in today's dollar).

Another dress with matching jacket in rayon faille from 1949 in pink, cocoa, or navy. Sold for $35 in 1949 (about $321 in today's dollar).