Monday, September 14, 2009

Couture Accessories - 1963

Accessories have become a very important part of a designer's work in the modern world. Never before has there been so much focus on a woman's bag, shoes, or boots. Where today's fashion magazines are full of advertisements for purses, you don't see them at all in vintage magazines. Here, from 1963, is a glimpse at accessories sold in the Paris Boutiques of some of the Haute Couture.

Tiny crystals dangle from big faux pearls in three strands from the Lanvin Boutique.

A rigid rhinestone collar with dangling rhinestone teardrops by Gripoix for the Lanvin Boutique.

Capucci used dramatic jeweled brooches instead of buttons on a white tea gown.

Roger Model fashioned an evening bag of black plastic links mixed with golden stars for Balenciaga.

A Roger Forest black crocodile bag with a rigid handle cut in one with the body of the purse and a Roman coin latch.
Roger Vivier showed black kidskin boots with new curved stacked leather heels. Roger Model designed this grey calfskin "country" handbag with a gold metal handle shaped like bamboo.

Roger Vivier attached dramatic rhinestone and pearl shoe clips to a black velvet sling-back pump for Dior.