Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Miscellaneous

It's Friday and I want to share some miscellaneous news and notes from this week, and then I have more vintage sweaters for you.

First, vintage lovelies Pam at Glamoursplash and Hollis at Past Perfect Vintage bestowed the Kreativ Blogger Award on my little blog this week. I am honored gals! Thank you so much!!!!

A few months ago, I sold this vintage dress to Denaye. I received an email this morning from her sharing pictures of her vintage inspired engagement party held at their local County Fair. Don't she and her fiance David look great?

You can see more photos at Vintage Glam Weddings and at the photographer's blog, Overexposed.

There has been a nip of Fall in the air the last couple of days, and we are starting to see hints of the leaves changing colors. The tomato plants are spent and it is time to pot up some of our herbs to bring indoors for the winter. In honor of cooler weather, I have more 1958 sweaters for you this morning. I love the pairing of these with red plaid skirts, pants, and Bermuda shorts, all with red tights and red shoes.

From left to right:
- Catalina wool and orlon grey hooded sweater. The hood is lined in faux fur. Paired with Jack Winter wool/orlon plaid pants and a red scarf.
- Premier red orlon fisherman's knit sweater worn with a Vera hood and College Town plaid shorts and red tights.
- Shaggy wool and mohair hooded sweater with wool plaid pants, both by Koret. Worn with boot tights (nylon tights with shoes combined) by Capezio.
- Bradley hooded red wool sweater worn with a Leathermodes red jerkin and Mademoiselle Modes plaid kilt and red tights.
Red shoes on 3 of the models by Patinos.