Friday, September 04, 2009

Jewel Tones for Fall - 1960

So often, when we think of dressing for fall, we think of more muted tones like browns, greys, rusts, and golds. But who says we have to match the colors of nature as the leaves whither and die and the entire world transforms into the grey of winter? Why not take a cue from 1960, and wear some deep rich color this season?

From left to right:
- Rich red wool jersey dress by Anne Fogarty
- Mr. Mort red wool jersey dress with a plaid tunic
- Emerald green boucle wool suit by Finger & Rabiner
Cheetah hat by Emme. All jewelry by Tiffany.

- Chrome yellow wool coat by Medelia
- Deep turquoise pleated skirt and overblouse by Sportwhirl
All jewelry by Erwin Pearl.