Monday, January 04, 2010

Awful 80s Fashion #1

Time to get back to work after the long holiday break. In case you missed it during the holiday weekend, go sign up for my latest giveaway - 3 vintage magazines from the 40s and 50s!

I have loads of mail order catalogs from the 1980s that I've been weeding through. Looking at some of the fashion makes me cringe. Did we really wear this crap? Oh yes, yes we did. This will be an ongoing series, as there is too much for one post. Look at it as comic relief, because I know you're going to laugh.

Leather pants worn with an acrylic sweater that has dangling mink tails at the shoulders.

No one should work out without ribbon roses at her shoulders and waist. No one.

Little sickly sweet pink rosebuds and scallops on black corduroy accented with a big wide pink sash.

Gold stripes on black in a tunic top with tapered elastic waist pants. Oh, yeah, that's sexy.

Big plaid, big shoulders, big headache. Ouch, my eyes.