Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jacques Fath Made in America - 1949

Parisian couturier Jacques Fath was known for his designs that glorified the female figure. In 1948, Fath signed an agreement with American manufacturer Joseph Halpert to produce a line of Made in America ready-to-wear clothing for women in the U.S. The line was carried in high end department stores like Lord & Taylor, Bonwit Teller, Julius Garfinkle, and Hudson's.

Here are 4 of the designs from the first collection produced for Spring of 1949.

This black Moygashel linen dress is accented with decorative black buttons at the shoulders and hips. Sold for $90 in 1949 (about $818 in today's dollar). Hat by John Frederics.

Left: A white pique ankle length dress is accented with pink satin shoulder straps and belt. Sold for $200 in 1949 (about $1818 in today's dollar).
Right: A stylized bow forms the collar of this white pique evening gown. Worn with a gold lizard belt and gold lizard gloves. Sold for $165 in 1949 (about $1500 in today's dollar). Jewels by David Webb.

Fath's love of asymmetry is used to great affect in this Moygashel linen dress. The skirt has a diagonal line of black buttons and bound buttonholes. The brown lining shows when the skirt panel is folded back. Hat by John Frederics.