Monday, January 25, 2010

Awful 80s Fashion #2

Awhile back, I promised you an ongoing series of fashion faux-pas from the 80s. But first, don't forget to sign up for our latest giveaway - 4 issues of "Vintage Fashions" magazine!

And now, for your Monday morning wake up call. Don't ever dress like this again, OK?

Honey, I lost my underarms!

A shaggy jacket made from acrylic string. I kid you not.

A lovely zip-up cardigan in acrylic popcorn crochet. Again, I kid you not.

And since you can't have a post about bad 80s fashion without some big-ass plaid....

Lest you think awful 80s fashion was the exclusive domain of women, here are the guys.

You can't get much worse than a cotton terrycloth jumpsuit.

Or maybe you can, if it's a cotton velour tracksuit.

Plaid for men. Help meeeeeeeeeeeee......