Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Corsetry - 1940

1940 hoyningen-huene, bergdorf goodman ad"Long and lean", "slim silhouette" and "slender lines" are words used over and over in a magazine from 1940. To look her best in these fashions, every woman wore a good corset like the ones shown here.
Nemo Sensations girdle and bra made with Lastex yarn, will "mold a new and lovelier you".

Le Gant laced "Sta-Up-Top" girdle extends above the waist to "erase the spare tire and give the long lines of fashion".

Gossard all-in-one gives a "long concave curve from the bust to the hip bone. The pull of the elastic straps tapers the waist".

With this Charmis combination, "you are assured of a firm yet supple line, the latest look". Note the ruffle at the hem of this corset and the Le Gant above. I've never seen this before, but the ruffle is there to cover the garters so they don't show through. Great idea!