Monday, May 17, 2010

Awful 80s Fashion #7

Today, another in our series on Awful 80s Fashion! Are you too thin, too toned, too tiny? Here's how to add pounds instantly!

Wear a dress cut from big squares of fabric and add horizontal stripes across your hips!

Wear a waist length chunky knit sweater and add puff sleeves for even more width!

Take a big bold print with horizontal stripes and zig-zags, add pleats and huge shoulder pads!

Wear a pastel skirt with lots of pleats and three times as much fabric as you need. Add a sweater vest that blousons at the waist!

Wear a big, bold plaid with gathers at your hips. Add an oversized sailor collar and a bow for that cutesy, innocent look!

Wear colored ankle socks with white shoes. Add a sweater vest that two of you could fit into.

All photos from a 1985 Neiman Marcus catalog. Yes, Neiman Marcus!