Wednesday, May 26, 2010

J. Peterman Sarong Dress

If you get the J. Peterman catalog, then you know they sell copies of classic designs. What you may not have known is that they copy vintage pieces almost line for line, including the fabric, and produce them in modern sizes. This can be great for us modern gals that don't fit well in vintage sizes. Case in point: J. Peterman has the 50s style cotton sarong dress shown above in their current summer catalog. They bought the original from Couture Allure!

Here is the original 1950s yellow cotton sarong dress I sold to them last fall.

They've done a beautiful job of reproducing it, don't you think?

And, while I just had the dress in one size, you can now get a faithful copy of it in your size.

They even reproduced the pale yellow fabric with the print of seaweed and fishies!

Of course, what they couldn't reproduce was the original label from Mei Ling Fashions. Theirs will say J. Peterman. And it will be made with modern sewing techniques and a nylon zipper. If you like 50s sarong dresses, but can't fit into a 50s size, consider this copy by J. Peterman. The $149 price is certainly affordable!