Monday, July 05, 2010

1923 Needlecraft Magazine

My mom is the best gift giver I know. She enjoys going to thrift stores, yard sales, and swap meets, and always has her eye out for things that will be enjoyed by her loved ones. A box in the mail from mom always makes for a good day. For my latest birthday, mom sent me a couple of vintage magazines, including what is now the oldest in my collection, the September 1923 issue of Needlecraft Magazine. In amongst the patterns and features for crocheted doilies and embroidered dresser scarfs, there are some wonderful fashion images that mom and I thought you would enjoy.

The magazine offered mail order patterns for 12 cents each. Shown here are several blouse options that could be worn over the long pleated skirt.

More patterns available, including a romper suit for boys, a girl's slip-on dress, two middy dresses for older girls, a woman's house dress, and a dress for the full-figured woman.

Shown here are intimate wear garments that you could make at home and decorate with embroidery. At the top, a chemise and "step-ins". At the bottom, a "princesse slip".

A little girl wears a peach cotton voile dress decorated with crochet and embroidery. Love those bangs and the T-strap shoes.

A little boy wears a white cotton lawn romper decorated with cross-stitch embroidery. Note the long hair, knee socks, and shoes!

All images from the September 1923 issue of Needlecraft Magazine.