Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mad Men Season 4 Fashion Prediction

Season 4 of Mad Men starts this Sunday, July 25 on AMC!!! If you love Mad Men as much as I do, you've been dying for any and all details, but this year AMC is keeping a tight lid on things. I guess even the cast doesn't know what will happen until they show up for rehearsal. If we assume that things will pick up right where they left off with Don starting his own agency, then the show will be set in 1964 this year. Mon dieu, I only have 2 magazines from 1964 in my collection. That is a situation I must correct! In the meantime, I thought I'd give you a taste of what was going on in fashion in 1964, so you have an idea of what to expect from Betty, Joan, and all the gals.

In 1964, the sheath dress reigns supreme. Full skirted styles are completely gone from fashion magazines, and I think they will play less of a role on the show this year. Even though fashion magazines don't show them, it takes a couple of years for real women to catch up, so I'm sure we'll see one or two, especially on Betty.

You may see some pleated styles, but those skirts will not be worn with crinolines.

The look is simple and elegant with less emphasis on the waist. Expect to see dresses that skim the body from shoulder to hem. Blouson bodices over fitted skirts are also popular.

Architectural seaming was made popular by Jackie Kennedy. Expect to see influences from her fashion sense on the show this year, especially on Betty.

Tailored garments with simple lines will also point to Jackie's ongoing influence.

Cowl necklines, stand-away collars, and rolled collars are very popular, as are abstract prints. Keep in mind, however, that you probably wont' see many hats on the show this year. Even though magazines are still showing them, younger women like Betty, Joan, and Peggy consider them old fashioned by 1964.

Suits are important, with boxy jackets over slim skirts.

Expect to see lots of pretty blouses worn with skirts or slim pants...

....and kitten heeled shoes!

Evening gowns will have simple cuts with empire or raised waistlines. Hair is becoming pouffier and we might see some blue eyeshadow or pale lipstick.....maybe.

Be patient through the commercial at the beginning. It's worth it!