Monday, July 26, 2010

Cat Deeley Wears Vintage

I'm a huge fan of the TV show So You Think You Can Dance on Fox. One of the best parts of the show is watching what host Cat Deeley will wear each week. The 5'9" tall British born gal is a former model with a great sense of style. She often wears vintage dresses on the show, which she mixes with modern accessories and shoes to great effect. She has an affinity for styles from the 60s and 80s, and I can tell that she has many of the dresses shortened before wearing them. We can only hope that her tailor is leaving all of the original length intact rather than cutting the hems off!

Cat wears a vintage 60s yellow dress with beaded collar and sleeves and a 60s sequin knit dress, both in season 7.

Here, a 60s beaded fringe cocktail dress from season 7 and a 60s pink brocade dress with beaded neckline in season 6.

Here, an 80s strapless gold lamé dress and an 80s green beaded dress, both from season 6.

Lastly, an 80s sequined dress and a 60s blue dress with Cleopatra collar, both from season 6. I loved that blue dress. Her stylist did her hair long and straight that night, and the look really worked!

What will Cat wear this week?

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