Monday, August 23, 2010

1967 Fashion Makeovers

I was thrilled to receive a box full of vintage magazines as a gift from faithful blog reader Dona on Saturday. Several of this week's posts will be from those magazines. Thank you for your generosity, Dona! We all appreciate it!

In one of those magazines from 1967, there is a makeover article that focuses on young career women living in New York. The magazine updates their looks with more modern styles, many with definite Mod influences.

Before: Cynthia, a photographer's stylist, wore a coat that was big enough to fit over a heavy suit.
After: Cynthia wears a sleeker, more polished coat that will still fit nicely over dresses or sweaters and skirts. It is belted in black patent which coordinates with the black over-the-knee boots and black kid gloves.

Before: Noelle, a picture researcher, wears a classic tweed suit that is too mature and conservative for someone her age.
After: Noelle still wears a suit, but an updated one in a snappy plaid. Worn with black accessories, the pink really pops, making the suit a lot more fun.

Before: Susan, a secretary, was trying to mask her tall, large-boned physique with ill-fitting clothes. Too-short boots in a darker color than the coat do her no favors.
After: Sleek is Susan's new mantra. The short black slicker is paired with shiny black over-the-knee boots to elongate her look from head to toe. The monochromatic look with no breaks really works for her.

Before: Melodie, another secretary, wears updated colors and prints, but the loose fitting blouse makes her look much bigger than she is.
After: Melodie looks slimmer in a dress that is belted at the high waist. Dark stockings lengthen her legs.

Before: Margaret, an artist, has a model's figure and height, but she thought her body was too angular and bony. She tried to compensate by wearing ruffles and frills.
After: Margaret looks far more elegant in a suit in the season's new midi length. A soft ruffled shirt still gives her the ruffle that she likes, but is far less fussy.

Do these makeovers work? Which is your favorite?

All photos by J. J. Bugat.