Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Capes and Ponchos - 1974

Swing Low blanket poncho sold for $40 in 1974 (about $178 in today's dollar).

In the early 70s, we all wore ponchos and capes, and we were very cool. The poncho was adopted by designers from the street looks of the hippies, who would take a blanket and cut a hole in the center to slip over their head, so they could stay warm without bowing to the establishment by wearing a coat.

Pendleton Knockabouts poncho sold for $28 in 1974 (about $125 in today's dollar).

In the fall of 1974, capes and ponchos were available everywhere and were worn wherever you went, from a walk in the woods to a night at the disco. Mine was brown plaid wool with a hood and a zipper up the front. I wore it every day. I think my mom might still have it. What did yours look like?

Pierre Cardin presents a wonderful mix of gray and white plaid wools
with a huge cape over a sweater and skirt.

Miss Dior sequined cape over a black satin skirt with a thigh high slit - perfect for the disco.

The cape goes high-end in Saga mink by Christian Dior
worn over a suede suit trimmed in the same mink.