Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bergdorf Goodman Catalog - Fall 1985

I came across this mail order catalog from Bergdorf Goodman when cleaning my office the other day. While I could do without the big shoulders, I love all of these looks, which say "classic and elegant" to me. Let's look ahead to fall, shall we?

Left: Donna Karan black wool jersey sweatercoat worn over her black jersey bodysuit, white silk faille blouse, and black tube skirt. Hat, hat pin, and earrings also by Donna Karan.
Right: Calvin Klein cashmere chesterfield coat with velvet collar worn over his black wool jersey turtleneck and pants. Black alligator belt by Barry Kieselstein-Cord.

Left: Louis Dell'Olio for Anne Knein handknit black wool sweater over a wool broadcloth skirt.
Right: Mary Ann Restivo navy wool crepe jumpsuit.

Left: Castleberry Knits 3 piece suit. Pearl and charm 48" necklace by Richard Serbin.
Right: Maglia navy suede wrap jacket worn over Barry Bricken gray flannel pants.

Left: Paul Levy black wool melton coat with sheared beaver fur collar.
Right: Searle white wool fleece coat.

Left: Victor Costa black velvet sheath dress with black Norwegian fox fur at the hip. ♥
Right: Saint Romei black silk jacquard cocktail dress with back drape.

Tomorrow I'll share some more casual looks from the same catalog.

All photos by Paul Lange for Bergdorf Goodman.