Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Emilio Pucci Capsula - 1960

 Would you have guessed this jumpsuit by Emilio Pucci dates to 1960?  Pucci called this piece the "capsula" (which means capsule in English) as it encapsulated the body from head to toe.  He made it in several versions and in both prints and solids of a stretch silk/Helanca nylon blend shantung.  The little boots were made to match by Albion for Emilio Pucci.

Above left:  One piece capsula in blue print with V neckline.  Sold in 1960 for $150 (about $1,121 in today's dollar.)
Above right:  Sleeveless top with separate pants gives the look of one piece in a pink print.  Sold in 1960 for $110 (about $822 in today's dollar.)

One piece capsula in pink with a Pucci print silk shirt worn as a jacket.  Set sold in 1960 for $175 (about $1,308 in today's dollar.)

I've never seen one of these capsula jumpsuits for sale anywhere, but Rice and Beans Vintage just listed a pair of the  Albion boots.  Aren't they great?