Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'll Have One of Each Please!

 Don't these shoes look great?  And comfortable too!  Town & Country ran this two page ad to introduce their new line of jewel-toned shoes and bags for spring of 1949.  They were made of Maracain, which was a trademark of Allied Kid Company.  Maracain was "unfinished and partly finished leather made from kid, goat, calf, or cowhide."

At left, the Basquette wedge sling back came in turquoise, yellow, red or green.  On the right, the Basquette low heel shoe came in turquoise only.

At left, the Allegro sandal came in yellow, turquoise, green, red, and white.  There's the Basquette wedge again at the right.  All of the shoe styles sold for $8.95 in 1949 (about $83.00 in today's dollar.)  And here's the kicker:  they were all available in sizes 4 to 10 and widths AAA to B.  I wish today's shoes were available in all those sizes.

The matching purse came in all the colors and sold for $10.75 in 1949 (about $100.00 in today's dollar.)

Since I can't choose, I'll have one pair of each please, in all the colors.....and the matching bags would be nice too.  Aren't they great?