Monday, April 25, 2011

Wartime Advertisements, 1943

It's 1943, right in the middle of WWII, and the pages of major fashion magazines are filled with ads that reference the war effort. It's very interesting. Take a look:

"Military and Civilian: A Uniform for civilian war activities...a favorite suit or coat for day-in, day-out service! A costume to live in, for the duration, if necessary - and like it! In all six wars in which American troops have been engaged since the founding of the Hockanum Mills in 1809...Hockanum Woolens of superlative quality have been supplied, as now, for the Uniforms of the Armed Forces and for Civilian Clothes on the Home Front."

"Pretty for HIM fashions by Huxley. A complete wardrobe for the Colonel's Lady and the Sergeant's Bride....for north or south, now till late Spring! Slim, trim, color-matched to ingermingle. Packs light and wears like a charm!"

Stetson showed several hats with "Front-Line interest" The top one is "Jaunty as military music". The bottom fedora is "Right dress for furlough dates".

"He's coming home on a furlough. Probably the happiest moment in his life - coming home to his family - his own room- perhaps his dog - and to all of his cherished personal possessions. He has dreamed about this home-coming for months, and now everything looks just as he hoped it would. It is comfortable and inviting. His mother always managed to add the touches that gave the place that indescribable atmosphere of home. A few flowers carefully arranged, and , on an accessible corner of the table, ice-cold Coca-Cola saying welcome in its own refreshing way."

Perhaps most telling, a full page recruitment ad for the Citizens Service Corps contributed by the magazine.

"What did you do today...for Freedom? Today, at the front, he died....Today, what did you do? Next time you see a list of dead and wounded, ask yourself: "What have I done today for freedom? What can I do tomorrow that will save the lives of men like this and help them win the war?"