Tuesday, August 09, 2011

New Wardrobe, 1974 - Part 2

Today, part 2 of our 3 day look at the items that were considered essential for a young woman shopping for a fall wardrobe in 1974.  All of the items shown are interchangeable with each other and with the items shown yesterday and tomorrow for a myriad of looks. Use these photos as inspiration for your own 70s style this fall.

You'll need a basic beige or white blouse.  Add a knit cardigan and vest set and pair the pieces with wide leg corduroys.  Note the bag from yesterday.  A colored beret tops everything off, or wear the topper hat shown in the inset.

 Another long wool cardigan with matching vest is worn with the solid blouse and a basic a-line skirt in camel wool.

Remove the sweater and vest, add some pretty jewelry and dressier shoes and you're ready for dinner.

Tasseled moccasins and reptile sling back shoes can mix-and-match with all the looks shown.

Don't forget silk scarves to add a bit of color and dash to that basic blouse!

You probably have many of these pieces already in your closet.  Try mixing one or two of these items, either in true vintage or modern vintage-inspired, to bring your look "back to the future"!