Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Take a Vintage Scarf....Part 2

...and wrap it, tie it, twist it, drape it, double it.  The possibilities are endless.  Yesterday I showed you part 1 of this mini-series on how young women were wearing scarves in 1969.  Here are more of the same.  Enjoy!

Wear an oversized shawl as a scarf with your coat.

Two solid scarves, one black, one white, are tied in overhand knots around the neck.  This menswear look contrasts nicely with the lace blouse.

Wrap a mile-long scarf around your head, then allow it to fall freely to the floor.

Take another mile-long scarf and drape it around your neck.  Catch it in your belt to hold it in place.

Finally, a fringed silk shawl as dress by Holly's Harp.