Monday, August 15, 2011

Vintage Dresses with Bolero Jackets, 1956

I've always liked these dress and jacket sets from the 1950s.  You know the ones that have a fitted sheath dress with a darling short bolero jacket.  You get two looks in one with these sets and I always grab them when I find them for Couture Allure.  They are great for those early fall days when you can't decide if you need a coat or not.  Wear the jacket when you're chilly and take it off when it's warm later in the day. The examples shown today are from 1956.

Above, a Paul Sachs Original gray wool sheath dress with a coordinating jacket in black and gray stripes.  Note how Sachs has used the striped fabric to form a border at the edges of the jacket.  Also note how the stripes are perfectly matched at the sleeve seam.   Set sold for $50 in 1956 (about $415 in today's dollar.)

Daryl Creations wool jersey short sleeve dress in autumn rust comes with a bolero jacket in black with rust dots.  Set sold for $30 in 1956 (about $249 in today's dollar.)  I have to say I am coveting that Morris Moskowitz suede handbag.

Masket Bros. navy wool doeskin sheath dress with matching jacket.  Brass buttons set off the simple lines of this ensemble.  Set sold for $55 in 1956 (about $456 in today's dollar.)  Black alligator handbag by Milch.

Chestnut Hill brushed rayon sheath dress and bolero jacket.  Note how the button placket on the jacket becomes a decorative element with the curved extension.  Set sold for $30 in 1956 (about $249 in today's dollar.)  Spotted fur bag and ascot by Winter Furs.

Daryl faille dress and jacket were available in black, red, green, gray, taupe, slate or brown.  Ribbed faille is a fabric that can go from day to evening with ease.  Love all the buttons!  Set sold for $25 in 1956 (about $207 in today's dollar.)