Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ben Zuckerman Suit, 1954

My life is feeling rather out of control lately.  If you follow Couture Allure on Facebook, you know I've been hard at work on a kitchen remodel which seems to have taken over the entire house and has required most of my concentration and energy of late.  When circumstances make you feel a bit bashed about, nothing says "I am in control," or "I can do anything," more than a vintage suit.  Take this example from 1954 by Ben Zuckerman, master New York coat and suit maker.  Doesn't she appear capable of handling any of life's slings and arrows?  You bet.  Crimson tweed suit worn with a bright red silk scarf tucked into the neckline.  Sold in 1954 for $200 (about $1,720 in today's dollar.)

Want to see more by Ben Zuckerman?  Go take a look at Louise's blog, Vintage Ben Zuckerman.

Photo by Derujinsky.