Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Last Chance Sale!

It's our famous Last Chance Sale!  OK, I have to admit the sale started yesterday and the amount of deeply discounted vintage I shipped out today has overwhelmed my postman.  Let's just say he earned his holiday bonus today.  Anyway, there are still plenty of bargains to be had.  All Last Chance items are priced at $50 or less.  This time, I included lots of accessories that will make great gifts, including vintage scarves for just $5.00 each!!!!!  This sale ends on Friday, November 9 when all remaining Last Chance items will be removed from the site forever.  Go!  Grab your bargain right now!

1960s gold metallic jumpsuit, now just $50!

1980s fur trimmed coat, now just $50!

1960s beaded sweater, now just $35!

1980s Victor Costa sarong dress, now just $50!

1960s cha-cha ruffle party dress, now just $50!