Monday, November 26, 2012

Take Your Holiday Dressing Up a Notch, Part 1

When I post photos of gorgeous vintage evening gowns and party dresses here on my blog or on my Facebook or Pinterest pages, one of the most common reactions I get is, "Why don't we dress up like this any more?"  It is a shame that our society has become so casual that a pair of jeans and a t-shirt will suffice for most social occasions.  Instead of bemoaning that fact, however, why not become part of a change back toward more formal dressing?  An easy way to start is to amp up what you wear to all the holiday parties and get  togethers you'll be attending in the next month.  This week, I'll be looking at ways to accomplish that.

Jacques Griffe velvet gown, 1949
One of the easiest ways to make your look more dressy is to choose a formal fabric.  Instead of wearing a simple knit top or sweater with your jeans, wear a top in velvet, satin, taffeta or lace.  Any of these fabrics will make a more luxurious statement.

Carven velvet evening gown, 1949
Velvet is one of those fabrics that instantly transmits a lush and sophisticated feel.  If you don't want to wear head-to-to velvet, use it in your accessories.  But if you do choose a velvet dress, keep the accessories simple because this fabric makes a fashion statement of it's own.

Velvet has been very popular at Couture Allure this season, and most dresses and coats in this wonderful fabric are already sold, but I do have a few pieces left if you want to experience what a more formal fabric can do for your look.

1950s Suzy Perette velvet dress

1960s velvet dress with gold braid trim

1970s velvet patchwork skirt