Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's Old is New Again - Mohair Coats

File this under "What's Old is New Again". You may think the look of this plaid mohair coat by DKNY is fresh and new. And at $995, you'd sure hope so, wouldn't you?

Here it is on the runway at the DKNY Fall 2009 show.
Here it is in a recent issue of Vogue magazine.

Sorry, Donna. As a vintage clothing lover, I've seen this coat before and I don't need to spend a thousand dollars to get the look. Fuzzy plaid mohair coats were very popular in the early 1960s.

Marquise fuzzy wool and mohair coat from 1962.

Zelinka-Matlick wool and mohair coat in a big plaid from 1961.

La Vigna short mohair coat from 1962.

As a savvy consumer, I know if I purchase a vintage coat from the 1960s or 70s today, the quality and construction will be far superior to what you can offer me, and the price will be something my wallet can bear. Take these, for instance.

Donald Brooks vintage coat $225 at Enokiworld.

1960s plaid mohair coat $79.99 at GlamourSavvy.

Want the look for less? Do a Google search for "vintage plaid mohair coat". You'll find hundreds of possibilities. You'll even find a couple at Couture Allure!


Coşkun Hürsel said...

I love those mohair coats!

Some years ago, I had a wonderful supervisor; she was in her mid 40s and was a plus size. She was always complaining about not being able to find clothes to suit her tastes. Once, she went over to Sweden for a business trip and when she returned, she brought back with her a lovely, thickly woven, fuzzy mohair blanket in baby blue colour. She then had it fashioned into a gorgeous coat/poncho for her, which she went on to wear for years.

Now, how about mohair and angora cardigans? They were great for the transitory weather of autumn and spring when you did not want to have the full weight of an overcoat but needed to dress warmly. I hope they make a comeback, too.

Sal said...

I wonder when we'll see something that is TRULY new ...

I love the look of mohair, but dang it's itchy. ;)

Emily said...

You are so right! Just bought myself a lovely mohair coat on eBay, £35 inc. postage. Not plaid, but rich cream (so good over winter black) with three feature buttons and a huge cowl collar. I have seen similar ones about this winter but the quality just isn't there.

Last winter's eBay buy was a scarlet cashmere swing coat with a peter pan collar and lovely seam detailing over the shoulders. £65. Can you imagine what that would get me in an ordinary shop? Once you get into vintage, it's really hard to go back to high street!

Gladys said...

I just saw a gorgeous plaid Mohair at Buffalo Exchange. Not cold enough here for it. Now if I go back up to Moaningtana...

Coşkun Hürsel said...

Emily, for me, this year's "big ebay purchase" was a 100% cashmere double breasted black overcoat. Moreover, it was not RTW, it was tailor made! I paid USD150 for it, but if I tried to buy it new, I am sure I would have to pay at least 10 times that, if not more. And it is in excellent condition! No pilling, discoloration, no wear or tear. An absolute bargain!

Sal, I understand some people might be allergic to itchy wool, but if you can get past the initial period of getting used to it, you start looking forward to it, because the "itch" basically means a stimulation to pump more blood into your capillaries. Apart from the fact that this is what makes you warm (alcohol has a similar effect, but not through a physical process, i.e. the "itch", but through affecting your brain), it also helps your muscles to relax and the related muscle pain to go subside.

There is more. As your skin contacs these natural fibers, namely, mohair, angora, cashmere, as well as fur, friction is created and this helps you to get rid of electrostatic charge. This charge accumulates in your body as you walk over a carpet, carry plastic bags, etc.

On the other hand, if you sleep under a polyester comforter, or wear synthetic clothes containing nylon, polyester, acrylic etc., this electrostatic charge simply increases.

What's bad about this charge? Well, it is one of the primary causes of STRESS!

Belle de Ville said...

Wonderful coats....I am so crazy about coats you would think that I live in New England instead of Los Angeles.
I just the the film "Orsen and Me" staring Zac Efrom of all people. I recommand it for the costumes, especially the 1930s coats.

Carmela LaVigna Coyle said...

Thanks for posting!! The fifth photo down was created by my grandfather's coat company in NYC. I had one of his amazing cashmere coats as a little girl. Very cool to see it here. Carmela LaVigna Coyle

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