Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mad Men Predictions - How'd I Do?

Back in August, I made some predictions about what we would see our favorite Mad Men characters wearing for 1963. Season 3 of Mad Men is now a wrap, so how did my predictions pan out?

I said that while fashion was becoming a bit looser fitting in 1963, Joan would stick with her body-hugging styles, and she did, but mainly because as a newly married woman with a medical student husband, she had no money to spend on new clothes. I missed Joan's character a lot this season and I'm so glad to see she'll be back in full force for season 4.

Joan wore this rose applique dress when hosting a dinner party.

And this was the dress she wore on her last day of work at Sterling Cooper.

I said that Peggy would continue to wear what she was comfortable in, and she did stay stuck in her ubiquitous shirtdresses, sweaters, and skirts. My predictions for what she might wear were wrong, as she is not a fashion forward kind of a gal. If she wears one more bow, though, I might scream. I really liked the way Peggy stood up for herself in the finale when Don offered her a job with his new company. Let's hope her wardrobe will break out next year.

Peggy continued to wear sweet blouses with bows.

And blouses with wool plaid skirts.

Peggy did wear one suit this year, and I want to see more of this!

Betty spent the first few episodes of this season in maternity clothes, some of which were very pretty. She then went straight to very fitted body conscious dresses, as I predicted she would. Will Betty go through with the divorce? It will be very interesting to see where the writers take her character.

Betty wore this white pleated dress, which was very similar to one I picked for her.

Betty wore this tight floral dress when she met with Henry at the cafe.

I missed on this one, as we saw Betty wear super tight pants with sweaters several times.

Betty wore this gorgeous aqua and gold evening gown to Don's award dinner.

And this brocade suit with white mink collar to Margaret's wedding.

More tomorrow!