Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mad Men Predictions - How'd I Do? Part 2

Back in August, I made predictions about what our favorite Mad Men characters would be wearing in Season 3. So, how did I do? Here is my prediction post about Hair and Makeup.

In 1963, we start to see bigger, bouffant hairstyles, and I predicted that Joan would be the early adapter of those styles. Wrong!

While Joan's hairstyle did get a big bigger at the back... was Betty who blew us away with this 'do on her trip to Rome!

Peggy wears a flipped bob all season, but what is with the center part in her bangs?? Is she growing them out?

Betty wears the same flipped bob with so much more sophistication, doesn't she?

Two of my favorite fashion moments this season came from less important characters. Margaret gets married on the day of Jack Kennedy's funeral, which really puts a damper on the festivities. Her gown was gorgeous, but it was her stunning feathered headpiece that blew me away.

My choice for the best dressed woman this season? Annabelle Mathis, dog food heiress who comes to visit old flame Roger Sterling in hopes of rekindling that romance. Roger turns her down, but boy does Annabelle know how to dress! We see her in a black sequined dress when she has dinner with Roger, and a black suit with ocelot fur trim later in the episode. Unfortunately, there are no still shots of Annabelle's clothes, but you can see her in what appears to be a Chanel suit in this short clip from Episode 11.

Although I thought Season 3 was quite boring for the first 5 episodes, it really took off in episode 6 when the English executive gets his foot cut off with the riding lawn mower. And the finale has me very excited about season 4. Let's hope we don't have to wait too long!


Amanda said...

Fabulous job on all your predictions!

Gladys said...

I love love that Chanel Suit. I too wondered what the hell was up with Peggy's bangs. I was hoping she would go for more sophistication.

Erica said...

I have never watched this show...I will check it out....if only for the hair styles! Thanks!

Forgetmenot said...

I haven't seen Madmen (They STILL haven´t broadcast it on my country) but honestly, thanks to these posts, now I'm dying to watch it!

Deja Pseu said...

Great predictions!

I see Peggy as someone who doesn't fuss much with her appearance, beyond rudimentary preparation. She's focused on other things. So maybe her bangs start to separate after a while, and she doesn't bother to spray/tease them into place. "Perfect" hair wouldn't fit her.

Yeah, Betty's Rome 'do was something else! But that sort of highlighted the point that she *was someone else* in Rome: not a suburban housewife, but a glamorous, sophisticated jet-setter.

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