Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paris Hats - 1945

October 1945. Paris was liberated the previous August and the final German surrender in Europe took place in late April. 6 months later, a French fashion magazine asks, "Sommes-Nous Prêts?". "Are You Ready?" for the return of la Haute Couture Parisienne?

In the fall of 1945, fashion was just beginning to emerge from the strictures of the war. The best Parisian milliners produced some magical hats to celebrate the rebirth of beauty and couture. Descriptions have been translated from the French.
Left: Jane Blanchot green velvet hood with otter fur back and pom-poms.
Right: J.-Suzanne Talbot braided felt and velvet tall hat with jewels at the front crown.

Left: Eneley Soeurs brown velvet with beige feathers.
Right: Germaine Bouché velvet with ferns and birds.

Left: Gilbert Orcel velvet with tartan fabric and feathers.
Right: Agnès brown felt decorated with imagination.

Left: Blanche et Simone black felt and velvet.
Right: Le Monnier high shape decorated with chiffon.

Left: Simone Cange black velvet with knit tulle.
Right: Sygur velvet toque with tropical birds.

Left: Claude St-Cyr tobacco brown felt with cock feathers.
Right: Nelly Levasseur velvet with ostrich plumes.

Left: Janette Colombier black velvet with heavenly feather plumes.
Right: Rose Valois brown felt with feathers.


Deja Pseu said...

Those are fabulous! Can you imagine trying to wear something like that today, though, while fighting lunchtime crowds, trying to get in and out of a taxi, etc.?

puddin said...

Yor blogs are always so interesting! I wonder if the hats actually sold, but what bravado designs!yq

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! These hats are GORGEOUS! I wish I had a hat head but for some reason hats look sooo FUNNY on me!:))

Gladys said...

Why do women not wear hats anymore? Is it because they are too much trouble? I don't think they are. I mean we wear them to keep our heads warm in the winter. Hairstyles in the 40's and 50's were made to wear hats. I think in the 60's and 70's our beehives became our hats.

Forgetmenot said...

Wow! I just love them all too much!

Helene said...

There are several hat designs in that group that if you took off all the decoration, would be terrific right now, such as the little derby-esque number with the two birds. Take off the birds and voila! A lot of the designs are definitely of the period and take advantage of the rolled hair styles so they might be difficult to make work now unless the person's hair were worn severely at the back of the head. As to why we don't wear hats anymore, well, I think it's much the same reason why people don't dress for church anymore, or why people don't dress for work anymore. Our lives are much more casual now. Not that I don't think we should be wearing hats - I wear one all the time because I'm scared to death of skin cancer. But I just came back from a family wedding in Florida and I can tell you that all of the female contingent down there did NOT wear a hat at all (despite the occasion and the fact that we spent time outdoors quite a lot). I wore a hat and received all the usual compliments and comments (I can't wear hats; hats look awful on me, etc. etc.). The other problem as well is that by and large, the only places that women can find hats are in department stores, which don't really have anyone knowledgeable in the accessories depts. And it is not set up for people to really have a good sit down and try on of various sorts and styles of hats - it's set up as really a a 'grab and go' sort of thing, which doesn't help people in terms of finding what style suits them best. Staffing trends in retail are not toward having experienced, knowledgeable people, so things like millinery really suffer.

Belle de Ville said...

Oh la la, je suis prête!

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