Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1930s Factory and Farm Workwear

In marked contrast to the genteel ladies shown yesterday, here is a series of photos taken in the factories and on the farms of the Alabama countryside in 1931. Denim is worn by all the men and boys, and this makes sense as denim is long-lasting and would stand up to hard work and rough treatment. Women and girls wear dresses, period. Pants were just not proper for women at this time. Dresses were often covered with aprons as added protection from stains.

1931, farm children, great depressionSchool children visit the book wagon. Notice the teacher is in black.

1931, factory workers, great depressionTwo women work in a sock factory. The socks are steamed into shape over hot foot shaped irons. Can you imagine how miserable it must have been to endure the summer months in this factory without air conditioning?

1931, farm children, great depressionA young girl studies poultry raising at Alabama Polytechnic Institute.

1931, fishermen, denim, great depressionFishermen all in denim.
1931, farm worker, denim, chore jacket, great depressionA former slave in denim and wearing a chore jacket. Notice the large patches on the leg of his jeans.

1931, farmers , great depressionFarming is hard work. You can see it in her face.

1931, farmer, denim, chore jacket, great depressionA farmer in denim and a chore jacket.

1931, farm family, great depressionAn itinerant grocer goes from farm to farm selling his wares. And yes, his wares include a possum. It looks like the mother and daughter are wearing men's work boots.