Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dear Blumarine

Dear Blumarine,
blumarine dress 2009I get it. I really do. The inspiration for your Spring/Summer 2009 collection came from the past. The graceful pleats of Madame Grès....

madame gres gownMadame Grès evening gown, 1954

madame gres gownMadame Grès evening gown, 1954

...and the draping skills of Vionnet.

vionnet gown Vionnet gown, 1938

And your designs are beautiful, they really are. But can you tell me, please, when did this become the type of woman you design for? When did this become your feminine ideal? Because it seems to me that this gal can't stand up straight due to malnutrition. She looks like a ghost, a ghoul, the walking dead. Her lack of flesh makes her body form odd angles instead of gentle curves.

Blumarine ad, February 2009

Dear Blumarine, I have to be frank. Though your dresses may be lovely, I can't get past my horror at the apparent anorexic state of the model to enjoy them. I can't move beyond my sympathy for her choosing a profession that demands that she abuse her body this way.

Dear Blumarine, is this really the example you want to set for our young women? Do you mean to communicate that a girl needs to starve herself to wear your clothes? Do you mean to say that normal body weight is not beautiful? Is that wise?

Dear Blumarine, take a look at these ads from years past. Aren't these women beautiful? Don't they look alive and healthy? Isn't your attention drawn to the garments because the models wear the dresses so well?





Dear Blumarine, please reconsider your choice of models for your runway and your advertising. Please set a better example for women. And please buy your model a meal....or two.