Friday, February 06, 2009

More "Grown-Up" Mod 1967

Here's another look at Mod styling for women who wanted wearable, flattering clothes without appearing too young. These dresses were designed by Herbert Kasper who was the designer for Joan Leslie, a division of Leslie Fay.

kasper for joan leslie dress, 1967Both dresses are of tomato red linen with bands of white in the basic shift style which had replaced the waisted sheath as the shape of the mid to late 1960s. The white bands against the vibrant red lend a very Mod geometric note to both dresses. The armholes are squared off at the bottom which gives another more subtle geometric element.

kasper for joan leslie dress, 1967"I'm constantly refining, improving, interpreting…trying to capture the essence of the times without being trendy. But from whatever source my ideas come from, I always keep in mind that lively, energetic, smart looking woman who is my customer. She's my motivation and my ultimate inspiration." -Herbert Kasper