Friday, April 10, 2009

1949 Beach Coat

Speaking of coats for warmer weather, what ever happened to beach coats? Sweet little jackets you slipped on over your swimsuit or wore as a topper with shorts and a sleeveless top when the weather cooled down in the evening. They were always long enough to cover the bottom of your swimsuit. I want one! Shown above, a full cut and pleated version in white cotton pique by Lanz of California.

If you want one too, your best option is to probably make your own. Here are several vintage patterns available from online dealers I trust:

This one from the 1950's is available at Glamoursurf for $49.99.

This one is available at FuzzyLizzie for $15.00.

This one is available at Miss Helene's for $12.99.

And another at Miss Helene's for $12.99.

Here's a real beach coat in action. Lana Turner wears one in The Postman Always Rings Twice when she and Frank walk down to the ocean for a midnight swim. In this scene they are walking back up to the car and she has a towel wrapped over her wet hair. She wore this white beach coat over her swimsuit. You'll see it best at the very beginning of this clip.