Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to Wear Summer Whites - 1960

What is it about wearing white in the summer that makes us feel so cool, so calm, so comfortable? Of course, there is the sun reflecting quality of white that makes it a smart choice in warmer climates. But there is also the psychological factor of appearing bright and fresh after a long winter of wearing dark and drab colors. And white can be very sophisticated when done right.

Following are some beautiful white summer fashions from 1960, and with each photo, a modern tip for how to wear white successfully.

Cotton pique suit with a long pencil skirt topped with a cropped jacket by Evan-Picone. Worn with an Emme hat, daisy earrings, and little white gloves.

Tip #1 - Choose the right white for your skin tone. Clear, bright white looks best on skin with blue undertones. For those with warmer complexions, cream or ivory is a better choice.

A silk blouson sheath dress with horizontal tucks by David Goodstein. Worn with a wide brimmed hat by Irene of New York.

Tip #2 - Select high quality fabrics with enough body to diminish show-through. Lighter weight fabrics should be lined for the best result.

Woven stripes accent this full skirted dress by Toni Owen. Worn with a wide brimmed hat by Lilly Daché and Miriam Haskell earrings.

Tip #3 - Wear skin-toned underwear with white. White underwear will show through your dress! Choose a bra and panties in a color as close as possible to your skin tone. If your dress is not lined, a nude color slip will work wonders.

Full skirted dress with dropped waist and wide collar by Leonard Arkin. Worn with a Lilly Daché bucket hat.

Tip#4 - Choose the proper shoes or sandals in soft beige, camel, silver, or bronze. Avoid wearing heavy colored shoes like black or dark brown. Bright pops of color like red or yellow on your feet can work if they are balanced with a matching accessory. White shoes will give a look that is too "matchy-matchy".

Bias cut silk dress with a cowl neckline and flared skirt by Ardanti. Worn with a Lilly Daché bucket hat, daisy earrings, and white gloves.

Tip #5 - White can appear too virginal, too sweet. Offset that tendency by showing enough skin. Choose sleeveless or low-cut styles over being too covered up.

Victor Costa overcame the virginal look of this ruffled evening gown for Neiman Marcus by layering white lace over a nude color lining for a peek-a-boo effect. This 1970's dress is available at Couture Allure for $245.00

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