Monday, April 20, 2009

Sweet Shoes from 1949

I don't mean sweet like candy. I mean suh-weeeeeet, like don't they make you drool?

deliso debs shoes, 1949, polka dotsDeLiso Debs polka dot linen shoes in two styles could be purchased with the matching Lennox handbag.

Cobblers wedges came in kid suede or leather in lots of colors. My favs!

White wedges in flat, low, and high heels by Fortunet.

Three styles of black leather pumps from Matrix Shoes.

Pandora suede pumps exclusively for the Famous-Barr department store in St. Louis. Love the rosette on the vamp!

UPDATE! Thanks to Deja Pseu for pointing out Re-Mix Vintage Shoes where you can buy reproduction styles from the past. And thanks to Fleur de Guerre for introducing me to Rocket Originals, who also make fabulous reproduction shoes and clothing in the UK!!!