Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Guessing Game - Fun with Ads from 1948

It's often fun to look at old advertisements, as they reveal how very different our lives are today. Here are several images from ads in Cosmopolitan magazine from June 1948. Can you guess what the ads are for? Post your answers in comments, and when someone gets it right, I'll post the entire ad for you to see. Ready?

#1 - This is the easiest of the bunch. What is this photo advertising?

Correct answer by Glamoursurf - Nail polish and lipstick!

The ad is for Naylon Nail Enamel in the non-tip bottle with easy-to-use applicator and matching "double-processed" lipstick.

#2 - How about this gal in her fancy blue evening outfit with matching parasol? What is she advertising?

Guesses so far: Coca-Cola, perfume, lingerie, feminine protection, bra & girdle, Scott toilet paper - No, sorry!

Correct answer by Past Perfect Vintage - Deodorant!

This ad is for Colgate's Veto creme deodorant. "You can say 'Yes' to Romance...Because Veto say 'No' to Offending. Veto says 'no' to perspiration worry and odor. Veto says 'no' to harming skin and clothes. You feel confident....sure of exquisite daintiness."

#3 - The answer to this one is very unexpected, and I'll bet no one gets it! Go ahead, try!

Guesses so far - Deodorant, dishwashing detergent - Nope!

I'm giving half credit to Jen of Morning Glorious Vintage. She guessed the correct product as Listerine, but the ad is not for bad breath. So what is the Listerine being used for???????

Guesses so far - to calm the nerves, douche - Keep trying!

And the answer is.....Infectious Dandruff!!!

"Listerine Antiseptic and massage...it's a must with countless fastidious women who dread infectious dandruff with its ugly flakes and scales. Wisely, they make Listerine Antiseptic and massage a part of regular hair-washing. It's a delightful way of guarding against this all-too-common condition."


#4 - Ah, brides. They're so innocent, so pure, so full of expectations. What is this image advertising?

Guesses so far: Life Insurance, Milk of Magnesia, hope chest, canned pineapple, diamonds, dishwasher, nerve pills, deodorant - Good try!

No one guessed that this ad is for Gorham Sterling flatwear. "It's happening! In a moment, I'll be Frank's wife and partner...the hostess in his home. They say marriage begins when you say I do...but I began to think of us when I caught my first glimpse of our Gorham Sterling..."

Things are a bit different nowadays! There were a lot of ads for sterling flatwear in magazines for younger women like Seventeen and Glamour up until the late 1950's. Back in those days, most young womens' goal was to find a husband and become a homemaker.