Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to Enter and Leave a Room Like a Lady - 1968

This week, we've been looking at how to move like a lady, from a 1968 book. Are you finding these moves awkward? Are you thinking about how you move, and how it looks to others? Are you finding, as I am, that these moves require strong core muscles?

The impression you make as you enter or leave a room can be your greatest asset. Here are some tips for making a good entrance and a graceful departure from a room.

When entering a room:
1. Avoid bursting into a room. Hesitate for a moment in the doorway, compose yourself, and glance quickly around to note names, faces, and the environment. Before you step into the room, you should know where you are going and to whom you will be speaking.
2. Smile.
3. If there is a door, grasp the knob with your hand. If the door opens into the room to the right, use your right hand, and vice versa. Keep your arm straight and open the door as you walk forward. Step sideways and reach behind you with the opposite hand to grab the inner door knob. Step backwards to close the door without turning your back on the room.

When leaving a room:
1. Leave a good impression. Smile.
2. Back out slowly, facing the people in the room. (OK, this is the first rule I have to disagree with. Maybe it's rude to turn my back, but walking backwards out of a room is just weird.)
3. If there is a door, walk up with your back to the door, reach behind and grasp the knob. Straighten your arm and walk forward opening the door behind you. Step to the side, grasp the outer knob and back out of the room, pulling the door closed. You are literally closing the door in your face. (Again, weird.)

When bending to pick up objects, keep your back straight and bend from the knees. Keep your head up. This is not only graceful, it protects your back from injury. to handle accessories.

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