Monday, July 06, 2009

Mix & Match Wardrobe 1949 #1

In today's economy, when we're all thinking about how to save a few dollars, doesn't a mix and match wardrobe make a lot of sense? And if you can sew, making separates from fabrics that co-ordinate is a smart choice. This week, let's look at some Advance Patterns from 1949, and ideas for how to combine the separates into a multitude of options.

Advance Pattern 5119 includes patterns for a cap sleeved blouse, button front high waisted skirt, a bolero jacket with sleeve cuffs, a bra top, and shorts. There are lots of possibilities here. And your options increase if you make the pieces in both fabrics.

Here, the blouse is sewn in a yellow and black polka dot print and combined with the shorts in solid black. A wide red belt adds a pop of color at the waist.

Make the skirt in the polka dot print, the bolero jacket in solid black with polka dot cuffs, and you've got a summer suit option.

Other choices are endless:
- Polka dot bra top and shorts make a cute play suit.
- Ditto with both pieces in black.
- Pair the polka dot bra top with black shorts for a third play suit, and the black bra top with polka dot shorts for a fourth.
- Solid black skirt with solid black blouse.
- Solid black skirt with polka dot blouse and black jacket.
- Polka dot skirt with polka dot blouse and black jacket.

You get the idea. How would you mix and match these pieces?