Sunday, July 05, 2009

New at Couture Allure - Vintage Designer Dresses and Necklace

New at Couture Allure over the past couple of weeks are some vintage designer dresses and an unusual necklace.

I know it's French. I know it's designer. I know it dates to 1969-71. But since the label has been removed, I don't know which designer it is. What I can say is that this vintage dress is trés unusual. Each of the panels is joined with brass rings and grommets. With all that hardware, what's not to love?

pierre cardin, mod, vintage necklaceSpeaking of hardware, how about this vintage 1970's necklace by Mod designer Pierre Cardin? Signed on the back and exceedingly rare, you will never see anyone else wearing the same piece!

Isn't this vintage 50's silk gown stunning? But wait....turn around....

...the roses on the back make this a perfect wedding dress!

I love vintage cocktail dresses with matching coats. The fact that this one from the 60's is an electric green silk, makes it very current too!

bonnie cashin, cashmereThis vintage 1960's sweater and skirt set by Bonnie Cashin is 100% pure cashmere, 100% touchable luxury, and 100% fun.