Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Gifts - 1936

From a 1936 magazine, here are some holiday gift ideas for the modern 1936 woman. The original prices are shown. I'll add a notation of what that price translates into in today's dollar. In 1936, the country was still struggling through the Great Depression, so any of these gifts would have been an extravagance for most Americans. All of these items sold at Best & Co. on Fifth Avenue in New York.

Pretty silk blouse with double collar. $77 in today's dollar.

Vintage Liberty of London scarves are still desirable today. I'd love to find one in it's original box! $46 in today's dollar.

Satin tap panties, probably of rayon in a peachy tearose color. So pretty. $31 in today's dollar.

I have never seen a pair of stockings with lace toes! These would be great with open toed shoes or evening sandals. And they're silk! $31 in today's dollar.

A tiny evening clutch purse covered in seed pearls. There was something about these little bags that made every woman keep hers, as they are still quite commonly found. $46 in today's dollar.