Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Not to Give

Over the years, I'm sure you've all been given a holiday gift by a loved one that inspired the thought, "What were they thinking?". If you're like me, you smiled politely, thanked the giver, and buried the offending item deep in a closet. As a public service, I must warn you - these goodies from a 1983 holiday mail order catalog are still hiding in closets, waiting to be unearthed during an estate sale. Be very afraid.

Denim warm-up suit with red trim and a big heart and lightening bolt applique on the chest. Must be worn with red shoes.

Need something a bit more subtle to wear with those red shoes? How about this green sweatshirt and pants trimmed with red and green plaid ribbon ruffles?

Every gal wants an acrylic lounging robe with big red mitten pockets pointing directly at her know. Doesn't she?

If your guy is still wearing a mullet, maybe you'll want to get your hands on one of these chicken ski caps as revenge.

Or his very own velour warm-up suit with racing stripes.

26 years later, we know better, but here is the ultimate faux-pas in holiday gifts. Send your signature and Social Security number, and this company would print it on a beach towel. Get your identity stolen while you lounge by the pool!