Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vintage Fur Coats - 1979

It's been pretty frigid here in Boston this week. I've been adding layers to my wardrobe to stay warm rather than turn up the (very expensive) heat. Perhaps I should just wear one of these beauties while I work. These fur coats all appeared in an I. Magnin catalog from 1979. Interestingly, I. Magnin would send a salesperson to your home or office if you wanted to try on any of these coats in private. I should think so at these prices.

Left: For him, natural fisher fur jacket. $11,500 (about $34,267 in today's dollar).
Center: For her, natural fisher fur coat $22,000 (about $65,555 in today's dollar).
Right: Natural ranch mink fur coat $8,995 (about $26,803 in today's dollar).

Left: Yves St. Laurent feathered blush-dyed blue fox edged in mink fur that is dyed to match. $3,200 (about $9,535 in today's dollar).
Right: One-of-a-kind Russian white natural lynx fur coat. I. Magnin bought the fur at the Leningrad fur auction and made this coat. $50,000 (about $149,000 in today's dollar).

Left: For him, dyed rust ribbed beaver jacket. $3,500 (about $10,430 in today's dollar).
Center top: Red natural cross fox fur coat. $17,500 (about $52,146 in today's dollar).
Center bottom: White dyed Snow-Top mink jacket. $2,995 (about $8,924 in today's dollar).
Right: Natural white curly lamb fur bomber jacket with knit collar and cuffs and leather buttons. $1,495 (about $4,455 in today's dollar).

I WANT this to wear around the house. Natural white mink fur sweatshirt worked in an intricate croquet pattern. Zip front with elastic at the sleeve cuffs and bottom edge. $3,995 (about $11,904 in today's dollar).