Tuesday, February 02, 2010

1953 Pin Curl Hairdo with Variations

This basic hairdo was all the rage in 1953, and it is easy to do with pin curls! I'm going to assume that those of you interested in creating this look already know how to do a basic pin curl set with your fingers and bobby pins or hair clips. If not, here are basic instructions for that technique.

For this style, the hair is cut about 4" long overall and set as follows:

1. Part the hair on the side. Set the front section of hair in two rows of pin curls, three to each row and wound away from the part.

2. Set each side section of hair in four curls wound toward the face.

3. Set the back of the hair in two rows of 6 curls. Curls should be wound away from the center toward the front.
4. Allow the hair to dry under a hair dryer or overnight. Remove the pin curls, gently style the hair into waves, and use hairspray to set.

Here are several variations to suit different face shapes. All variations except the last use the same set shown above:

Round face and short neck? Cut hair a bit shorter overall, comb hair flatter at the sides and use an off-center lift to break up the roundness.

Long face and neck? Cut hair slightly longer overall. Part farther to the side and build out the style at the sides for width.

Long nose? Cut the front section approximately 2" long and brush it into a fluffy upstanding bang. Hair in the back should hug the head.

Receding chin? Cut the front section shorter and form a small soft bang that extends only slightly beyond the hairline. Keep the hair in back close to the head with flipped-up ends.

Irregular hairline? Use 4 pin curls per row in the front instead of 3. Use a center part and form symmetrical dips on each side.