Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Awful 80s Fashion #3

Another installment in our public service posts about how not to dress - I bring you more awful 80s fashion.

Please don't wear sheer teal green pantyhose with teal green shoes. And please don't think your teal green legs look so hot that you need to expose more of them with a shirttail hemmed dress. Please.

UPDATED to add - If you want to see teal tights done right, take at look at Sal's outfit from yesterday at Already Pretty. She contrasts her opaque tights with a slim black skirt and black shoes. Not awful at all!

There's a way to do stripes right. This ain't it.

Better watch out if you live near the water and it's duck hunting season.

Grandma's doilies don't belong on your dress - especially as cuffs on your sleeves.

Plaid pants? Never. I said never! And please get a haircut.

Little embroidered whales on pants? Never. I SAID NEVER!

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