Monday, February 01, 2010

Halston's Skimp - 1974

Halston was a genius at making headlines. In November of 1974, at his fashion show that introduced his line for spring of '75, Halston once again rocked the fashion world by introducing what he called "The Skimp". At a time when all the important designers were covering women in longer skirts and pants, Halston chose to re-invent the mini skirt. Newspaper and magazines headlines blared, "Halston Breaks Ranks" and "Halston's Skimp Skips onto the Fashion Scene".

Reportedly, it was Halston employee Stephen Sprouse who convinced the designer to cut off the bottoms of the "old lady" dresses two days before the fashion show. And, in a party atmosphere, cut the dresses they did, while Halston cried, "Skimp it, skimp it!"

A sleeveless red wool jersey chemise with a matching full cape. Sold in 1975 for $260 (about $1,037 in today's dollar). Belt by Elsa Peretti.

Chamois-colored Ultrasuede skirt with a matching shirt-coat. Sold for $678 in 1975 (about $2,704 in today's dollar).

Blue crepe evening "skimp" worn with matching sash belt.

Much as Halston loved the Skimp, many of the skirt lengths in his line for Spring of 1975 stayed at mid-calf. And most of the shorter skirts were paired with longer coats, capes, and wraps. "I see a mingling of soft and more precise outlines, as well as contrasting lengths." he told reporters at his spring preview.